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Painting, photography, and mixed media visual art for sale and by commission. Past shows include Schwules Museum, Berlin and Good Vibrations, San Francisco.


Sadie speaks from a place of compassion, humor and inclusion on many subjects including her 20 years as a sex worker, multi-media artist, feminist, queer and alternative porn performer. She also speaks about radical parenting, trans inclusive feminism, and women's empowerment. She has presented regularly at Universities (Dominican University in CA, and Humboldt University in Berlin), at film festivals, and privately for professional groups seeking an expert. She is available to present targeted information as well as speak on a panel.


Eurobest Conference for Marketing and Advertising


Sadie teaches groups and individuals on a variety of subjects relating to sexuality, intimacy and art, and has done so across the U.S. and Europe. Please contact Sadie for a list of available workshops and sample curriculum:

20151024_PFF Workshop_0011_LR.jpg
20151024_PFF Workshop_0011_LR.jpg

Sadie has performed in numerous mainstream live stage productions in San Francisco. She is a versatile actress who prides herself on being fun to work with and bringing levity and a collaborative spirit to the set. She is available for both mainstream film and stage productions, as well as pornography. Additionally Sadie has consulted on set for mainstream films about the adult industry, BDSM and about the queer sex-positive community. She has worked as a model for editorial, fine art, and fetish photography.

Hello Titty

Hello Titty

Marriage 2.0

Marriage 2.0

Photo by Goodyn Green

Photo by Goodyn Green


Sadie's performance art has included collaboration with Guillermo Gomez Pena/ La Poncha Nostra, Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Madison Young, Lula Mae Day, Kay Garnellen, Mad Kate and countless others. Her recent work WOMBmamapapadadaHOME is the subject of her new book with photography by Jo Pollux, learn more about it here.

WOMBmamapapadadaHOME photo by Jo Pollux

WOMBmamapapadadaHOME photo by Jo Pollux


A new book with photography by Jo Pollux written by Sadie Lune about radical queer co-parenting with photos that document the collaborative performance art piece WOMBmamapapadadaHOME by Sadie Lune, Kay Garnellen, and Mad Kate. To support the forthcoming publication of this work join Sadie Lune's Patreon account.

photo by Jo Pollux

photo by Jo Pollux

Photo by Jo Pollux

Photo by Jo Pollux


Sadie Lune has been prolific in her collaborations, appearances, and generating work. Below is a non-comprehensive list of career highlights. Please be in touch with questions regarding specific projects, or for a genre or medium-specific CV.

Public Speaking

The Future of Sex - Heartland Festival -  Egeskov Castle, Denmark -
Conversation with Mette Sillesen and Moussa Mchangama Jonsson about the direction sex culture is moving and developments we can expect in the future.

The Feminist Labor of Queer Porn Performance - This Human World - Vienna, Austria  In conversation with Mad Kate about the way feminist ideologies are practiced in the representations and labor policies of queer pornography

Sex Craft - Eurobest - Antwerp, Belgium

Presentation with feminist pornography director Jenifer Lyon Bell to advertising and marketing conference about creativity and thinking outside the box in porn as a medium.

Gegen_Sex - Maxim Gorki Theater - Berlin, Germany

Panel discussion with Peggy Piesche, Peter Rehberg and Birgit Bosold about what sex-positive queer has learned from sex-critical radical feminism and whether their is contemporary political urgency in “Queer” or if its been assimilated into hipster image

Presentations at Dominican University for Phsychotherapy students.


Fluid0 - Directed by Shu Lea Cheang, Appearing as D.P.T.

Strawberry Bubblegums - Directed by Ben Teske, Appearing as Dagmar

Marriage 2.0 - Directed by Paul Deeb, Appearing as Meghan

Crystal Daze - Exit Theater, SF, Appearing as Crystal Meth

Emperor Norton, the Musical- Shelton Theater, SF, Appearing as Lola Montez

Clue, the Play- The Dark Room, SF, Appearing as Miss Scarlet


Performance Art

Over 20 years of collaboration as a performance artist in traditional venues, night clubs, and public spaces.

Collaborators include:

La Pocha Nostra

Annie Sprinkle

Lula Mae Day

Mad Kate

Kay Garnellen

Venues include:




Femina Potens

Venice Biennale

Transmodern Festival, Baltimore



Over 20 years of glamour, erotic, fashion and art modeling with photographers such as:

Jo Pollux

Alexa Vachon

Larry Utley

Michael Rosen

Goodyn Green

David Steinberg

Charles Gatewood

Karima Cherif

Marius Muresanu

and many more...


Workshops & Instruction

Loving Domination

A Whore’s Guide to Safer Sex

Cervical Show and Tell



Writing by Sadie Lune has been published in:

Bend Over Magazine

$pread Magazine

Hugs & Kisses

Hos, Hookers, Call Girls & Rent Boys (anthology)


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